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Our History

Nick Wilson Chris Wilson

In 1971, Morrison Container Handling Solutions was created because founder and President Nick Wilson saw a shortage of technical expertise in the manufacture of container-handling products. With a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, an MBA in accounting, and professional experience as an engineer to guide him, Mr. Wilson set about building the best container handling products on the market.

Over the years, Morrison Container Handling Solutions grew to be the most well-known and respected name in its field. The reason for our growth and success is simple: our engineers have exceptional experience, reliable products and a resolved dedication to customer service. In fact, Morrison has set the industry standard for service and follow-up, regularly providing in-the-field assistance, sometimes on as little as 24-hour-notice.

Morrison Container Handling Solutions promises that Superior Knowledge, Quality Products, and Unsurpassed Customer Service will always be our top priorities. It will be a distinction easy to maintain since our long-serving staff is every bit as qualified and dedicated as our founder. With Morrison, you can be confident that any representative working on your machines or visiting your plant is a specialist in the field. Whether it's Nick Wilson, his son Chris, or one of our many experienced engineers, you can count on the best service possible.