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CAMA Partners

CAMAMorrison is a member of the Chicago Area Manufacturer’s Association. CAMA is capable of providing our customers with fully-integrated primary and end-of-the-line packaging solutions. Please contact any of these suppliers for further assistance or to discuss your packaging requirements. The following OEM Partners belong to CAMA:

Dorner Conveyors

Dorner Conveyors (CAMA Member)
Dorner conveyors offer amazing reliability and delivery. The AquaPruf stainless steel conveyors feature an open design eliminating harbor points and decreasing downtime. Available with belts or chains, tip-up end pulleys, belt lifters and access windows. Dorner also offers a complete line of aluminum conveyors. All conveyors are available from 3-10 days.
Mark Wendell

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

Spee Dee Packaging Machinery (CAMA Member)
Spee-dee is an industry leading supplier of dry product filling system solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Digitronic® Servo Augers are used for filling both free flow and non free flow powders. Volumetric Cup fillers are used to fill dry particulates such as rice or beans. Spee-Dee offers a full line of PLC options with custom program for integration with other packaging machines.
Timm Johnson

Triangle Packaging Machinery Co.

Triangle Packaging Machinery Company (CAMA Member)
Since 1923, Triangle Package Machinery has been designing, manufacturing and servicing food packaging equipment including: VFFS Bag Machines, Combination Weighers, Bag-in-Box Systems, Vertical Cartoners, and Depositing Systems. Our service & support is second-to-none and features a Triangle first, Selectech-OnLine, instant on-line service calls anywhere in the world. Triangle is truly your single source for packaging.
Bob Williams